Nobody Gets Me Naked Faster Than My Spray Tan Girl

I’m super efffing pale - like lightest shade of foundation kind of pale. In high school, I proudly donned a “Mystic” to every high school dance. It was a miracle I graduated without ever being called an oompa loompa or carrot girl (at least to my face). Fortunately, the sunless tanning world has improved dramatically in the last 10 years. Scroll down to see my go-to tips to maximize my spray tan!

Before You Go

  1. RESEARCH. Ask friends for recommendations, do a Google search, DM your favorite influencer. Don’t buy a Groupon for the cheapest available. You want your tan done by an experienced professional with good reviews - especially if you’re getting a tan for a special event.

  2. EXFOLIATE + SHAVE. Do this at least 3 hours before your appointment so your skin has time to throughly dry. Show up with clean skin (no lotion, makeup etc).


  4. GO PEE. Do this right before your tan. Trust me, you don’t want to go right after you get sprayed. You’ll risk ruining your gorgeous new glow with dribbles down your leg.

  5. BE CONSERVATIVE. Especially on your face. I always ask for a single spray on my face if I am doing a double spray on my body. I’d rather deepen the color on my face with makeup than risk looking too dark/orange.

Immediately After

  1. DRY OUT. You want to be as dry as much as possible before you put your clothes on. I always ask for extra drying time. There is nothing worse than a splotchy, blotchy, obviously fake tan. If you’re not feeling 100% dry throw, some baby powder on your “wet” spots. This will prevent any streaking or creasing.

  2. NO CONTACT. Avoid any skin to skin contact until you shower. Don’t cross your legs until after you rinse your tan off hours later.

Maintenance Tips

  1. AVOID SWIMMING after your spray tan. Stay out of the water: pool, ocean, hot tub, bath tub. I typically wait until the last day or two of my vacation before I go in the water to maximize the life of my tan.

  2. AVOID OIL including oil based sunscreen, tanning oil, oil based lotions + facial oils. Oil causes the spray tan formula to sliding off of your skin, leaving you looking streaky.

  3. AVOID ANTI-AGING products. They speed up cell reproduction and promote exfoliation means you spray tan will start coming off faster than expected

Anyone else a spray tan addicts like me?!