How To Master DIY Self-Tanner

Leopard Bikini


And fake tans are in! Let’s be real: tan > pale. Some people can rock the pasty white look but I am not one of them.There’s something about a warm bronze glow that makes you look 5 pounds skinnier, slightly more toned, and gives you just the tiniest boost of confidence… am I right? But who’s seriously willing to rock a golden glow at the expense of wrinkles down the road or worse - skin cancer? Definitely not me. I’m DIY self-tanner’s #1 fan when it comes to achieving that golden goddess glow. Foam or spray, I love them both.

Ask any of my friends: I’ve left a trail of orange sheets across Eastern & Western Europe, South America, and much of the US because I refuse to go on vacation or rock a bikini without my golden glow. What can I say, it’s my thing ;)


  1. EXFOLIATE & SHAVE: helps the last as long as possible & leaves skin nice & smooth

  2. COVER YOUR BASES: I coat my hands & feet with a layer of lotion to keep the tan from getting too dark & staining unnaturally in these areas.

  3. WASH YOUR HANDS: immediately after you finish applying - even if you can’t see anything! Nothing worse than having tie-dye hands on the beach.

  4. GRAB A FRIEND (OR A MITT): My girlfriends and I will take turns spraying each other down in the shower. I love the foam/mitt combo. I think it looks the most natural and is pretty easy to use solo.

  5. START WITH A BASE TAN: pro-tip I love to mix a few squirts of foam into my body lotion for a subtle, even glow a couple times a week.