D2R Skinny Summer Tips

Gurney's Beach

Summer is almost here! You’ve been working hard all winter on perfecting that summer bod and you don’t want it to be gone by the middle of June. There are a few tricks I use all summer to ensure my body stays in tip-top shape, without sacrificing any of the fun + indulgences.

  1. DRINK WATER: alt. every alcoholic drink with a full glass of water. Promise this trick won’t make you any less drunk just less hungover tomorrow (bc you’ll be more hydrated)

  2. EAT A REAL DINNER (brunch/lunch if you’re day drinking): Never drink on an empty stomach. Not only do you run the risk of getting a lot drunker than you intended, it also makes alcohol even more dehydrating to the body. I like to eat a high protein meal with some healthy carbs like veggies, rice, or quinoa. It also helps curb my late-night appetite.

  3. PICK YOUR POISON: rose, tequila, vodka, the list goes on. Pick one type of alcohol and stick to it. Tequila or Mezcal are my go-to options right now because they’re the only alcohol that is an upper & have also been proven to assist digestion & speed up your metabolism. Just add [soda] water & lime!

  4. SWEAT IT OUT: the first thing I have to do after a night of heavy drinking is break a serious sweat. Call me totally crazy but my body physically cannot handle retoxing without a proper detox. I love a good 3 day RETOX weekend, but not without an equal amount of DETOX. Especially in the summer when it’s more important than ever to look your best. The more HIIT, burpees, box jumps, sprints, the better.