why did you start detox2retox?

I started Detox2Retox with the intention of inspiring other health + wellness oriented girls in NYC to believe that they truly can have it all. The body, the career, and the social life. Life is a careful balance of managing a lot of competing priorities. I think a lot of us tend to live in a very black + white world, that work hard // play hard mentality. When the reality is that there are a million shades of grey - we just have to find them.

when did you start detox2retox?

I started Detox2Retox in December 2017 when I was down in Miami for Art Basel living the Detox2Retox lifestyle on a daily basis. While waiting at the airport for my flight back to NYC, Detox2Retox was born!

is detox2retox your full time job?

I always tell people I have 2.5 full time jobs. My “9-5 job” is Buying + Planning at Saks Fifth Avenue for the Outlet division, Saks Off 5th where I have worked for five years. Running the @Detox2Retox Instagram and blogging is my second full time job. Creating daily content, engaging with the community, and responding to DMs and emails is very time consuming, but I love it. My “half” job is personal training. I have a few clients I see before or after work during the week and on the weekends.


I workout 5-7 days a week because my body craves it. Exercise helps me manage my stress and anxiety. It also makes me feel good. I love high intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio-centric classes because they make me sweat. I have a lot of energy and workouts help me blow off some steam and feel more confident in my own skin.

how long have you lived in nyc?

I have lived in NYC for 10 years as of August 2019.